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I would like show my gratitude to hire my minibus, and highlight your excellent service. We had a smooth journey and the drivers were really cooperative and friendly, Special thanks to all your team and especially to Gloria who dealt with us professionally and assisted us all the way. On behalf our charity organisation EMCA we would like to thank you and looking forward to use your service again
I thought the service and price were very good, and that the coaches were very punctual. I would definitely use Economic again.
We found the service provided was very good, both the drivers were very accommodating and we were very happy. We will definitely use your service again and recommend to friends. Regards, Alex Mitchell
Paul Fleming 21/07/2011 Coach hire Hi. I found your service very good - the whole process from booking to drop off! Thanks very much will recommend you to others. Paul Fleming
To whom it may concern Many thanks for the efficient service both from the booking and the experience of travelling. I received very positive feedback from staff who travelled with you. Thank you Maria Major
The London Minibus Company customer review
The booking I made was for a birthday outing from Chelmsford to London and a return journey. Both drivers turned up on time, were friendly and polite. What was surprising also, is that the quotation for this booking was cheaper than any local firms for the same journey.
We had a very good experience from The London Minibus Company.
Extremely surprised at the quality of the coach for the money that was expended. Comfortable, new, reliable in that the driver arrived on time at both ends of the journey, and a friendly service to boot. In short it was a 10/10 for me and I wouldn
We enjoyed our experience last year in Goodwood. The bus drivers were very friendly and all the trips with your company were fine. Next year we would like to go to Goodwood Revival .We will contact you again in time next year.
Bus company were brilliant. Everything was on time, the standard of the coaches was excellent and the drivers were very helpful and professional at all times. In fact Saturday
Testimonial from The London Minibus Company a valued customer.
Hi, I'd would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for everything. The booking, the payment process and the journey was really good :)
Just to say that everything about the service - from booking through to the driver's punctuality, knowledge of the roads and helpfulness - was great. We couldn't have asked for or expected any more. Thanks very much! Ben
I just wanted to say thanks to your team and the driver supplied for my group's trip at the weekend.
Hi, your service was brillant, value for money brillant
Martin Heath a recent customer and his feedback.
Thank you again for all your help. Our driver Jeff was great. Best wishes Kat
Just to let you know that I shall definitely be recommending your company after my first ever booking with you.
10391 Very good service organizing the transport and on the day. Thank you for your assistance. Karen Irving

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Minibus Hire With Driver

When you're out on a trip with family, friends or with a group of school children, then getting minibus hire with driver to get you out and about in the area is the best option for making sure you always have the travel sorted.

All too often travelling can be an added stress when you're on holiday or on a trip and it can really get you down and make things confusing. You'll need to appoint a driver from your team and more importantly you'll need to know where you're going.

This is why using minibus hire with driver can often be the best option. This allows you to sit back and take control of what is happening in your group and make sure everyone is comfortable whilst leaving the pressure of driving and navigating to someone else.

Often the drivers that come with these companies when you hire them are specialised in the area you're going to so will know exactly where they're going and what are the best ways to get there. They'll also know all the best rest stops to make and will get you there on time to work within other travel limits that you might have on your trip- ie, catching a flight somewhere, or getting to the theatre or museum you're visiting on time.

Once you arrive at the destination you'll leave the driver and then meet back up with them at an appointed time to either go home or get to the next spot on your agenda. This will often be at an appointed meeting place and you'll all be expected to arrive on time, as will the driver.

Minibus with driver Companies
Manchester Minibus Hire
In our fleet we have various types of minibuses in order to cater for client requirements. This is essential as we are full aware of the fact that more or less all customers have different demands. These include requiring a
ABC Coach & Minibus Hire
In our fleet we have various types of minibuses in order to cater for client requirements. This is essential as we are full aware of the fact that more or less all customers have different demands. These include requiring a
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If you own or work in a Mini bus hire company or a company that can supply minibuses and want to be featured here or on this website we have various options for you. We get visitors from all over the UK looking to hire a minibus and we can send these customers that are in the area you cover to you. Find out more here.

Cheap Minibus Hire With Driver

There are certain limits when it comes to having a driver, however, for example, drivers need a break every so many hours and they cannot drive for longer than a 22 hour period- though this can vary from company to company, so you'll always have to check before hand.

There are also limits one where they can actually drive, for example if you want to cross the border or go on a ferry some drivers will not be able to do this. Again, you'll need to check. When this kind of thing happens you'll often have a pair of drivers who work in shifts with each other. As for when the drivers are staying with you for a period of time- for example if you're a group on a trip away with a school or with a club- you will be expected to accommodate the drivers if they haven't already booked into a hotel or hostel nearby. They won't sleep on the bus, remember!

When using minibus hire with driver, the driver will sometimes offer the added bonus of pointing out various sites in the areas that you're passing through to make the trip pass more quickly, and their knowledge of the local area could be very impressive if you get the right person!

Many drivers who specialise in holiday driving will know about the local area to make it easier for them to travel there and you'll get lots of advice and tips on timing about places to visit. All the coach drivers will impose their own rules on what you can and can't do on the minibuses, and these rules are put there for your own safety and as a way of making sure the trip is nice for everyone.

For example, some drivers might not want people eating on the bus whilst others will be ok with this as long as there is no mess left over afterwards. You do also need to remember that only the driver from the company is allowed to driver- none of the travellers and members of the party are allowed to take over that responsibility at any point.

So, as you can see, having a driver with your minibus journey can be a real benefit- especially if there are a lot of you going somewhere and have a lot of baggage, because the extra storage space is really a bonus. You can also have individual pick up for all the travellers so you don't need to all try to get to one place.

These are also great options for if you're travelling to and from the airport as it means you can just get a lift to the airport and then get on the plane without having to worry about paying for costly parking fees whilst you're away on holiday- you just pay for the journey there and back, and nothing in between.

It doesn't have to be a long haul journey, however, that you need a driver for. It could be something as simple as getting a minibus together for a night out with the guys or gals from work for a night out on the town when you know it would be unwise for one of you to try and drive everyone back afterwards. A minibus hire with driver takes this responsibility away from you and lets you kick back and have a good time without having to worry about making sure one of you stays able to drive at the end of the night. As long as you're respectful and well behaved on the journey back you'll have no problems at all and the driver will prove a valuable asset.